Friday, November 14, 2008

vaaranam aayiram

"Long time back, when MGR appears on the screen and sings 'Rajavin paarvai raani en pakkam...' the theatre will shake because of the crowd's sound and lot of colour papers will fly throughout the movie hall. Nowadays there is not that much of craze for movies among the people" - These were the words of my +2 english teacher when he started the class on one fine monday morning. He was actually referring to a Rajinikanth's movie that he saw during weekend. I was also on the same show, but my thought was exactly opposite to my english teacher. I could not hear any dialouges and I was thinking how crazy people could be to shout like that.

Today I saw a new movie in theatre - "vaanaram aayiram" - first day, second show. No sound from the audience except for people talking their own personal things. Actually we were playing solitaire game in the mobile while in theatre. I think the quality of movies as well as the interest in people for movies have come down. But only the price to be given for a show has increased!!

"vaanaram aayiram" is a beautiful movie. The hero of the movie has done a wonderful job with lot of different getups throughout the movie - Playing 2 roles in the movie he has done more than ten getups. Almost three hour for a movie is difficult to be unboring especially with less number of artists. This movie revolves around a father and his son.

The movie opens with the father suffering from throat cancer. With a very less BGM, his excellant performance continues of a while. This makes us to expect that we will have to wait and watch to dive into fast moving tracks soon. Then, the father dies and the sadness is there in the background throughout the movie. Thus failing to fulfill the expectations. Overall the movie doesnt seem to move faster making us to wait for the interval and the end.

The 'story' doesnt play a major role in the movie. With hero's role as a good guitarist, the music director has scored a good piece of music in songs and in BGM. None of the heroine was impressive in the movie. The last fifteen mins of the movie was like watching someone playing counter strike. The father's flashback took us to the movies of 80's. But not very impressive there too. Looks like the director has tried to give some message in the movie.

I dont remember most parts of the movie (for a person who is used of watching a movie for a week, one movie in 3 hr is too much). And this is my first written movie review. So dont know what to say!!


  1. I think I should also charge the mobile to the fullest to play Solitaire and Tennis ;)

    *Last fifteen minutes of the movie is like watching Counter Strike* :D

    I think the problem is, directors don't know how much they can adopt Hollywood movies. They try to mix up, Bollywood's glamour, Hollywood's stunts, Tollywood's exercise (sorry, dance), *wood's #.

    A fully original Collywood movie would be a hit and interesting. And they will succeed in setting the trend for permanent and we will get used to watching movies like them.

    I will come here once again after I watch the movie.

  2. You are right! @ The 'story' doesnt play a major role in the movie. @

    If the director had fine tuned the screenplay to move a bit faster, then it would have been a hit!!!

    Anyways, your review for the movie is good ..

  3. You have got the name of the film wrong.
    It is not "Vaanaram Aayiram", it is
    "Vaaranam Aayiram".
    (Just kidding!).


  4. @guna: good catch!! Thanks. I never knew the meaning of "vaaranam" till I wrote this blog.. hence never felt like using it :)