Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[story] Robot in the city

It is almost 6 years since Robot's have been banned in India. After the liquid state semiconductor and the nanobiological revolution period, every other scientists were able to make their own robot's at their home. This led to huge economic wave across the countries. People were restless and jobless too. After a big chaos for two years, the World Peace Organization along with the World Scientific Community created a set of rules and regulations on using the technology. One major point in that is that no individual can have a robot with more than or equal to 6 Susi power.This would restrict anyone having robot with human power. And India supports and imposes these rules.

Beyond these rules, some Indians like the criminals/ terrorists of the past have robots with human power at their home. The major duty of the Indian Police Force is to detect these people and produce them at the court of the King. They have a vital eight hour interrogation technique to identify the robots and their owner. As you know the criminals are almost wiser than Police, initially at least. I am one such person :) There is a Robot in my house created using the tips given in Reader's Digest and the tvnet.

Her name is Mala. She use to help me out in all my household activities. She helps me in my business. All of the above I like her smile. Somehow we both have a permanent account number and we are in the IHL(Indian Human List). When everything was going fine, I heard that there is going to be a random check in the city. I was afraid as the Indian Police Force have a good record for identifying almost all powerful Robots. I told on various things that Mala needs to do and importantly not to do in next few days. Still I did not have much of hope.

When we were browsing through the tvnet, the police came and rang at our house. I asked Mala to keep watching the tvnet and I opened the door. As the police came inside, Mala was seriously reading something. Though I asked her to be careless and free, she was serious. Police asked some normal survey questions to me, which I answered. Then they called Mala. She turned 90 degrees within a fraction of second, which I have asked her not to do. While we were talking casually (which was supposed to be the interrogation), the police asked some wage mathematical question - what is 8 to the power 16? Mala as she remembers all our previous discussions, answered 281474976710656 immediately. Oops! Again I told her not to answer anything tough. Then they took Mala inside a room.

After complete interrogation for about 8 hrs during which my heart beat increased, they came out. I was silently asking if there is any problem. The Police replied, "Sorry for the trouble Vijay. We are done with our work and found no issues. Thanks for the cooperation." I told thats not a problem. As they went out,
I locked the door, went straight to the reading room. I Eat 6 pieces of horse shoe magnet, and put the right hand fingers into the electricity plug point.
hehehe. I am the Robot created by Mala.


  1. Speechless da Vijay. All your stories have an excellent climax. Wow... I still can not come out of the story. Keep rocking da machan... [I am proud to be your room mate: konjam build-up]

  2. When I think much, I got this idea da. If we do not have the last line (stating that you are the robot), it would have been a few-second puzzle and solving that would have given much much surprise da. Also, I could justify Mala's suspicious gestures are to make the police think that she is the robot and let her be interrogated. That was too thoughtful da. Yours best!